Eviction Services

If you are a Landlord dealing with a problem tenant, whether it is a Residential or Commercial premises S&F can help you evict the tenant and get your property back. With fixed prices you know exactly where you stand from the beginning right to the end of the process. By using our fixed fee and three stage processes you will not suddenly be faced with “Disbursements” or other hidden charges.

We will manage all, or part of the tenant eviction for you. As experienced eviction professionals we will assist with every stage of the tenant eviction process,  including arrears recovery, and also enforcement of judgments.

If you need to evict a tenant, and want a fast, professional, low cost, and no fuss eviction service , that is exactly what we provide, contact us today and get the possession of your property back from tenants.

Please see below charges for each step of the eviction Process.


  • As the first step of the eviction process, we will draft and serve the required legal notice on your tenant, instructing them to either vacate the property, or to pay all outstanding rent.



If the tenant fails to comply with the notice served, we will then prepare and assist you with your claim for possession to obtain a court order.

  • In addition to the order for possession, if you are claiming rent arrears we will also seek a county court judgement against your tenant for non-payment of rent.

Over 80% of tenants leave after step 1. If not, we will arrange court proceedings to obtain a possession order and money judgement from the County Court.

£400.00 plus court fee

Appearance in court

If you require us to appear in court with you we will be happy to do so and also 7 days before the hearing we will issue a witness statement giving an up to date account of the current outstanding arrears with a rental schedule to evidence this.



  • Should the tenant still fail to vacate the property once the court order is granted, we will assist you by instructing county court bailiffs.
  • The bailiffs will physically evict your problem tenants from the let property

£125 plus court fee